With our Audit services, we give you assurance that your business is doing things the right way.


Checks and balances

An Audit is an inspection of a company's accounts. For most companies which undertake an Audit, it is because they have no choice as it is a statutory obligation. However, an Audit can provide management with a insight into weaknesses within the business and ways to improve upon them, which is why some companies choose to have an audit. In addition, audited accounts and an Audit report can have an extremely positive impact on the perceptions of investors, potential financiers, existing customers and can provide that important financial endorsement when customers are looking at selecting your services or indeed wish to refer you.

We conduct a comprehensive Audit

At BPSL, we can conduct a comprehensive Audit of the company's financial and management systems to provide assurance as well as recommendations for the business to realise improvements.

In particular, our Audit will take the opportunity to:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations
  • Identify any potential weaknesses or deficiencies with your financial controls and processing systems
  • Confirm accounting treatments in respect of complex transactions
  • Increase your awareness of prospective accounting and regulatory changes
  • Provide an independent review of externally reported financial data and other information

To remove the burden and stress of Audits, we plan our Audits in advance of the year end, discussing risk areas with management and key personnel so that they are aware of our timetable and our areas of focus. We aim to undertake Audits with the minimal disruption to your employees so that the business can continue operating as normal. We use both substantive and controls-based testing procedures which are tailored to each individual business.

As well as meeting with management to discuss our results, we will prepare a report of our findings and our recommendations if areas of weakness are identified.

With our Audit services, we give you assurance that your business is doing things the right way.


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